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Whether you’re a die hard sneaker head or just casually strolling around wondering how you got here, I want to personally welcome you to KicksonHardwood.


Hello, my name is Jonathan and I’m a young proud father from Brooklyn, NY. born and raised. Ever since I was a young boy I have always had a passion for sports, specifically basketball and baseball. I mean, come on, if you’re a young Latino male growing up in, what at the time, were the “mean streets” of Bushwick, you better have some kind of skill to bring to the table so that the kids or adults didn’t think you were just some punk. So my calling card eventually became basketball.

Like many kids, my dream was to join the NBA and I had it all planned out too. I was going to be the starting point guard of the New York Knicks and lead my title starved city to the promised land. David Stern, the commissioner at the time, would hand me the Larry O’Brien trophy and I would thank the die hard fans, with tears rolling down my face, and my teammates for helping me accomplish the dream…..but unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. I realized later on that I had a little too much going against me. I was never on a good basketball team, I was a Latino, I was only 5’9″ and unfortunately not blessed with hops of any sort like Nate Robinson or Spud Webb (but I could touch the net though). Jokes aside, I still wanted to be involved somehow in the sports world. I just didn’t know how. It wasn’t until much later in life when I started working at a sneaker shop that I realized that fashion was taking over the world of sports and that’s when, I guess I can say, KicksonHarwood started.

WHY I CREATED KicksonHardwood

My purpose for creating KicksonHardwood stems solely on my passion for sports. The fashion part came much later in life. As I said before it started when I started working for the large retail franchise, Finish Line. I didn’t care about how fashionable I was at the time or for sneakers in general. I was 22 years old and there solely for a paycheck. Sure I thought a few of the sneakers looked cool and I recognized a few of them from the athletes that wore them on t.v. but that was about it. They were just sneakers to me and nothing more.

Now it wasn’t until a particular shoe in my store got released that I finally started to take notice. This sneaker was the newly released, at the time, Lebron 11 (Parachute Gold). Now I never understood the concept of buying an item and never removing it from the box but this sneaker was definitely never remove from box material. I had never seen anything like it before. It looked as if Marty McFly had brought it back from the future. Pretty soon it was obvious that I wasn’t the only person who felt that way because they sold out in less than 2 days. But after that, the strangest thing started happening. I found myself staring at peoples feet (don’t judge me) to see what kind of shoes they were wearing. It didn’t matter if they were on the train, in Starbucks, or in the t.v. screen, I was curious.

I recall watching a nationally televised Miami Heat game, back in 2013, and while I was watching the game the announcers spent what felt like 10 minutes talking about Lebron’s other new signature shoe from Nike: the Lebron 11 “Away” sneaker. Now I want to make this clear. I am NOT a Miami Heat fan or a Lebron fan for that matter (I’m a Knicks fan…unfortunately) but I had never seen so much attention paid on what an athlete was wearing on their feet before. I mean, I know Jordan and his shoes were and still are popular to this day but this was different. This was the age of social media. In just a matter of hours I knew those sneakers would go viral and would sell out within minutes in Finish Line the next day. Not only because they looked cool but because who was wearing them and whose name was on them. It was at that point that I knew this wasn’t going away anytime soon. I realized as long as professional sports was around and with the continuous rise of social media, that this category would be trending upwards for a long time.

MY GOAL FOR KicksonHardwood

Lets face it. Although sneakers are cool to talk about and are trending like never before, at the end of the day they’re just sneakers. My goal for KicksonHardwood is for it to become a place for anybody from the die hard fan and sneaker head to the casual hipster or for the stay at home dad who just wants to kick back and check out what’s the latest trend so that he can keep up with his kids and still feel young. I don’t want to classify this blog to just one particular individual. I want everyone to feel welcomed.

It’s very surreal for me to start this blog and to be able to share this with you guys because for me this is a long time coming. I never thought I would ever take the first steps to attempt to try to start a website but here I am. Honestly guys, I sincerely hope that you all enjoy the content and I will be posting here frequently. So, thank you for checking out KicksonHardwood and I leave you with this quote: “Sneakers speak louder than Words.” Peace and God Bless!

If you ever have any questions, comments or constructive criticism feel free to leave them below. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated 🙂 Thank You!

All the best,

Jonathan L. Ciudad


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  1. Leo Santana
    July 6, 2018

    I can see the charismatic, passionate personality exposed in each sentence. The sense of humor is a breath of fresh air. Begs to question, would you consider or happen to have a YouTube channel? Regardless, love the work! Good intro.

  2. Rose P. Hopkins
    July 9, 2018

    Loved the articles great job!

  3. Richard Rivera
    July 9, 2018

    Great work kid, Congrats on the site. keep up the great work.

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