Kyrie Irving: The Best Nike’s In The Game?

Kyrie Irving, aka “Uncle Drew,” is an NBA Champion and 5x All Star. He is best known for his killer crossovers and his defining moments in the clutch. He also, in my opinion, has some of the most swagged out kicks on the court. Sharing the Nike spotlight must be tough, especially when you share the market with the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, to name a few. But with Kyrie reaching superstar status and his play backing it up it sees that his brand is only going to get stronger from here. Heck, he even has a movie coming out.

I’m a huge Kyrie Irving fan (even though I can’t stand the Celtics) and I believe Kyrie has the best Nike’s on the market. In my opinion, even topping the likes of LeBron and Kobe. Just something about them makes them stand out on the court. So I decided to rank my top 3 favorite Kyrie sneakers from year to year starting with the Kyrie 1’s all the way to the Kyrie 4’s. Should be fun. And remember, this is just my opinion so let’s try to keep it civil. Let’s dive in.

Kyrie 1 (2015)

Kyrie 1 “Brotherhood”

These kicks pay homage to Kyrie’s days as a Duke Blue Devil. I wasn’t even a Duke fan and I remember really wanting these. I would’ve loved these more if they would’ve put the Duke logo somewhere on the shoe itself. Even on the insole would’ve been nice. Regardless, it’s still a great colorway that gets to the point and I love it regardless.

Kyrie 1 “All Star”

These were the first signature Kyrie’s to not only hit the market but hit the court as well. To say that Kyrie hit a home run in his first at bat as a signature shoe athlete is an understatement. These are beyond sick and are definitely all star worthy.

Kyrie 1 “Independence Day”

Out of all the Kyrie 1’s these are my favorites. So much so that I had to get a pair when they released. The colors obviously pay tribute to the day we obtained our independence on July 4th. Not much to say on these except I love them. My wife on the other hand……let’s just say these wouldn’t crack her top 100. To each their own I guess.

Kyrie 2 (2016)

Kyrie 2 “Green Glow”

Call me childish but I’m a sucker for shoes that glow in the dark. I love shoes that stand out when you can’t even see. These aren’t the only Kyrie 2’s that glow in the dark but these caught my eyes a little more than the others.

Kyrie 2 “Paradise”

I remember first seeing these on Kyrie’s feet during the Cavs 2016 Championship parade. Right off the bat I knew these would be a top 3 favorite. These shoes are sick and need a doctor ASAP!

Kyrie 2 “Game 1”

These shoes are the only reason why the Kyrie “Paradise” wasn’t my number 1 favorite Kyrie 2 shoe. When I saw Kyrie rock these shoes in the 2016 NBA Finals I wanted to hand him the trophy then and there. The gold symbolizing the ultimate prize, the Larry O’Brien Trophy. These look amazing and are definitely worthy of a champion.

Kyrie 3 (2017)

Kyrie 3 “Black Ice”

The first of the Kyrie 3’s. It’s a simple black and white colorway but that’s fine. I’ve heard the argument both ways about the loss of the signature Kyrie 2 strap but I think these look fine. Out of all the Kyries the 3’s are probably my least favorite but for what they are they get the job done.

Kyrie 3 “Flip the Switch”

Now these are interesting. Kyrie and Paul George had this futuristic colorway look going for them for their respective signature shoes. This colorway was supposed to embody the energetic atmosphere of the NBA playoffs. The jagged cut swoosh design gives it a futuristic look and I also get PlayStation vibes from this shoe which is definitely not a bad thing.

Kyrie 3 “Time to Shine”

Out of all the Kyrie 3’s, these would take home the platinum medal, if such a thing existed. These Nike’s celebrated the beginning of March Madness. These shoes were 1 of 4 in a collection that included the Lebron 14, KD 9 Elite, and the PG 1. In my opinion these could’ve also passed for All Star game kicks since Nike athletes didn’t rock All Star specific kicks in 2017. No other way to put it except that these kicks are fire!

Kyrie 4 (2018)

Kyrie 4 “White Glow”(Unofficial Name)

Now the Kyrie 4’s, in my opinion, are a toss up between itself and the Kyrie 2’s for best look and design. The 4’s are like a fusion of its predecessors. For some reason these stood out to me. The colorway isn’t overly impressive but they stand out in a very subtle way. These were one of the first Kyrie 4’s seen on the court since his trade to the Boston Celtics. And while I may hate the Celtics and all things Boston, I don’t hate these kicks.

Kyrie 4 “Pitch Blue”

Kyrie is a perfect example of gold done right on a sneaker. Just because you put gold on a sneaker it doesn’t automatically make it marquee but I have to give it up to the Kyrie design team because these just work…real nice. These might have been the 4th colorways to be released but they definitely don’t come in 4th place. Oh, and like I said about glow in the dark kicks, I’m also a sucker for gum bottom soles as well. What can I say?

Kyrie 4 “Uncle Drew”

Now these are my favorites. How can you not like Uncle Drew? These were actually revealed by accident during production of Kyrie’s first movie “Uncle Drew.” It could be just the name of Uncle Drew that makes this shoe marquee have but overall it’s just a flawless design and colorway that makes it a must buy for me.

There you have it. These were my favorite Kyrie’s throughout the years. I’m sure not everyone will agree but that’s what makes these things fun because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Hope you enjoyed. Peace!

Fun Facts

  • Kyrie could dribble a basketball at 13 months.
  • Kyrie’s godfather is former NBA player Rod Strickland.
  • If he wasn’t a pro basketball player he claims he would’ve been a journalist.
  • He was born in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Kyrie believes the world is flat….as I said before everyone is entitled to their own opinion.





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