Russell Westbrook: The Best Jordan Brand Athlete Since….Jordan?

Russell Westbrook is perhaps the most electrifying athlete in the NBA today. From his electrifying dunks to the intense passion he plays with, it’s no wonder he has become Jordan’s most brandable athlete to date…other than Jordan himself of course. Russell has recently signed a new 10-year extension with the Jordan brand and joins LeBron James as one of the only two athletes to have two lines of signature sneakers. The first being Russell’s lifestyle shoes with the Westbrook 0 and 0.2’s.

As for on the court Russell is already rocking his signature sneakers for their second season with the release of the Why Not Zer0. 2’s (last season’s model being the Why Not Zer0. 1). Russell is definitely making a statement with these kicks. In my opinion, in the history of Jordan brand athletes, which include the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, the Why Not Zer0’s are the best Jordan brand sneakers to date…other than the original Jordans themselves of course. These are my favorite colorways, so far, of the Why Not Zer0’s.

Why Not Zer0. 1


These sneakers are dedicated to Russell’s brother, Raynard Westbrook, and his anticipation of receiving his Masters Degree. The color scheme represents the color of the school’s graduation robes. Overall a nice story and even better looking sneaker. Retailed originally at $125.

Mirror Image

I love everything about these sneakers. With an homage to Jordan on the left sneaker and to Russell on the right, these sneakers are definitely worth a look.
Retailed originally at $125.

Why Not Zer0. 2

Future History

If there ever was a sneaker that could describe Russell Westbrook on the court, it’s the Why Not Zer0. 2’s. These shoes line up perfectly with his loud fashion sense to his crazy but exciting style of play. These sneakers are definitely a head turner and a top 10 sneaker in my book. Retails currently for $125.

Fun Facts

  1. Westbrook was the last lottery pick of the Seattle Supersonics before they relocated to Oaklahoma City and became the Thunder.
  2. Westbrook’s favorite player growing up was Magic Johnson.
  3. According to Westbrook, he could not dunk until he was 17 years old.
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